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Luxury Travel in Costa Rica, Panama & Nicaragua

Tour Operator since 1999

I remember to have read somewhere, "what matters is not only the destination, it is also the adventure along the way." And that is my purpose, that you enjoy your adventure in Central America to the fullest, that is why I work very carefully in every detail of your package to give you the best of the best on your trip through this land of Pura Vida.

Being a local tour operator allows me to be at the forefront of the different properties or attractions that come on the destinations that I work, and I take the time to make routine inspection visits. Do you know why?

First, because this allows me to have a broad knowledge of the destinations that I offer, my philosophy is "to offer what I have experienced." Second, I make a meticulous selection of vendors I work with, from four-five-star hotel groups and big-name carriers to boutique properties, because I know that a high-end adventure traveler like you always deserves the best service.

I am Pierre Gedeon, a French native and tourism entrepreneur passionate about adventure, an expert in planning 100% personalized trips in Costa Rica, Panama & Nicaragua.

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For more than 20 years, I have organized tourist packages for North American professionals and businesspeople who want to find the balance between work and free time or enjoy a tour and change places to revitalize their minds.

And that is why I am here, to help you organize that memorable vacation, take care of all the boring parts such as managing the logistics of your mobilization, hotel reservations, and tours, and being available onsite for support during your travels.

I take care of every planning detail since I want you to come home with the feeling of having had a truly exclusive and unique experience, not just a "nice vacation."

The best proof of my work is in the words of my clients and in the recognitions, which for years I have been awarded by trusted travel media such as Conde Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, Town & Country, Wendy Perrin, and Trip Advisor.

"For all those passionate about adventure and for you, I am here."

Please find out how we can work together!

Pierre Gedeon, CEO | Costa Adventures

Pierre GEDEON | Owner
Bikepacking Essentials
There is a World at your doorstep.


At Costa Adventures, we craft and operate custom itineraries for discerning travelers looking for unique and authentic experiences in Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua (the three countries can be visited either separately or together in the same trip, according to your interest and the number of days available). We avoid overcrowded areas and large all-inclusive hotels as this is not what our clients are looking for, neither what we like to sell and operate.

In our Web you will find suggested itineraries, activities and lodges for your inspiration. Contact us to receive a unique itinerary according to your interests, budget and schedule!

Wish To Customize?

Let’s Plan Your Dream Trip Together!

The best way to start planning a trip with us is to fill our Plan Your Trip form so we can design this unique, perfect journey you are looking for.


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What our clients say about us?


    Len M.
    Pierre and Costa Adventures did an amazing job in creating a fabulous 10 day vacation in Costa Rica. He listened to me, appreciated what we wanted and set up an amazing Costa Rican experience. Everything was well orchestrated from transportation to the lodges, tours, lodges...″


    ″I can't say enough about this travel agency. This was a trip we planned for a long time and wanted it to be special. If you ever wondered the worth of a travel agency, I can explain. We didn't want to guess we were staying in good places, we wanted to know that we would be at... ″


    Lucia C.
    I cannot recommend Costa Adventures enough! Michael and Pierre made our trip from Costa Rica to Nicaragua incredibly memorable. Before our trip to Costa Rica, Michael was...″