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- Panama -

Family Trips Panama

With the Panama Canal (children’s love to experience the partial transit!), and a beautiful Old Quarter perfect to wander around; the area of Boquete, offering many outdoor activities such as hiking, hanging bridges, whitewater rafting, birdwatching, coffee tours and more; and the beaches to finish your trip (Pacific or Caribbean, with many family friendly resorts of different styles and budgets built on islands), Panama is a fast growing destination for family vacations ans we at Costa Adventures, love to work with families! We will design a personalized itinerary with the perfect blend of activities for both adults and the children’s so all have fun! Below are a few samples, we can start from there and customize.


We had an excellent experience with Pierre and his team at Costa Adventures. The logistics for our group of ten were seamless for the entire trip. We were most impressed with how responsive the team was when an issue arose during the trip (as a result of our own mistake). We left our laptop in our island villa and as soon as we notified Costa Adventures, they were able to get in touch with the resort,...