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- A wonderful place with countless islands, dazzling beaches and earthly paradises -

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You probably have heard about Panama thanks to its Canal, which is one of the major masterpieces of engineering of the 20th century. With a total area similar to the one of South Carolina or Austria, located on the stretch of land which connects North and South America, its immediate neighbors are Costa Rica (North) and Colombia (South) and the country boasts a total of 1500 miles (2490 kms) of coastlines between both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Now and since the US government returned the Panama Canal to the country on Dec 1999, Panama has been discovered by world travelers and the tourism infrastructure is constantly growing, with new hotels and attractions opening each year.

In the capital, a cosmopolitan metropolis and hub of the Americas, a modern downtown with Miami-like skyscrapers and an old Quarter “Casco Antiguo” built by Spanish and then French are set next to each other, offering culture, history and architecture.

Experience the highlands of Boquete and Volcan with cloud forest, bird tours and rafting, hiking, wildlife, coffee farms tours; stay at the Chirriqui Coastal area in the Pacific, where new, luxury and unique lodges are set on private islands, for unparalleled experiences;

To picturesque little towns and native people, to a beautiful and extensive Caribbean coast with the white sand beach Islands of Bocas del Toro and new, small luxury hotels arise in the islands; San Blas and more... Just ask us and we will make it happen!

We can only encourage to visit this destination before it gets crowded in a few years. Panama is also an excellent place to combine with a trip to Costa Rica, visiting either Bocas del Toro only (located close to the Costa Rican border and also connected to San Jose via daily flights), or adding places like Panama City for a few days, a perfect base to do some cultural activities as day tours from there. Have a look at our sample itineraries, and contact us with your ideas and we will design a unique luxury Panama travel experience for your family or group vacation!

Please note that you will fly from destination to destination, thanks to a safe and reliable network of domestic flights. We handle all the logistics of your Panama tour!


Sample Itineraries in Panamá

Have a look at these sample tours and we will create a truly personalized trip and your perfect Panama travel experience!

Family Trips


Panama City


Nature & Adventure Tours


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Self Drive Adventures


Where to Go?

Whether you are looking for a Beach vacation where you will relax in luxury lodges spread on Pacific or Caribbean Islands and snorkel, deep sea fishing and explore, or for an adventurous and active vacation experiencing hanging bridges, zip lining and white water rafting, or want to discover the beauty of the Old District in Panama City –think on a tropical Charleston SC-, or a mix of all the above, we will make it happen!

Panama being a long and narrow stretch with the destinations of interest far away from each other, we will organize your travel package the most effective way so you don’t waste much time on transportation and logistics. Browse our tours for ideas, and contact us filling our “Plan your Trip” form and we will design a tailor itinerary for your luxury Panama tour, based on your schedule and specific interests!

La Fortuna

Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro is a province of Panama comprising an island chain off the Caribbean coast, plus a nearby mainland with biodiverse rainforest. Isla Colón, the main island, is home to Bocas Town's capital, a central hub with restaurants, shops, and nightlife. Famous beaches include Boca del Drago. Also on Isla Colón is Starfish Beach, named for the numerous sea stars on its ocean floor.


Colón is the capital of Colón Province, in Panama. The Canal Expansion Observation Center is a park with viewing platforms over the canal's Atlantic locks and Gatún Lake. The vast Colón Free Trade Zone offers tax-free shopping. Just west of the city, at the mouth of the Chagres River, Fort San Lorenzo is a well-preserved colonial military structure.

7 Powerful reasons why Panama is one of the best destinations in the world to visit NOW?

  • Reason 1:

    The capital and its Old Quarter "Casco Antiguo" is a must see, with also plenty of bars and gourmet restaurants (some overlooking the Panama Canal from rooftops, a unique experience).

  • Reason 2:

    From Panama City, there are plenty of options to explore, such as old colonial buildings, Panama la Vieja, Rainforest, the Panama Canal in different ways, the Emberas indigenous tribes and more.

  • Reason 3:

    The Panama Canal, this marvel of engineering ignaugurared in 1914, should be on everyone's bucket list. Whether you want to take the partial transit, see the large ships going through the locks from the ground or take a railway ride along the shores, we will include the best way for your specific family!

  • Reason 4:

    Panama is a stable democracy and is a safe destination for travelers!

  • Reason 5:

    Looking for an adventure and nature trip? With an elevation from sea level to 11,398 ft (3,474 mts), cloud and rain forests, remote mountain lodges, Panama offers a wide and rich diversity of fauna and flora, and is a worldwide destination for birdwatchers! Some adventures available are zip lining, hanging bridges, white water rafting and ocean related experiences.

  • Reason 6:

    Panama offers endless beaches, many new luxury and unique lodges on islands in both sides (Pacific and Caribbean) and most beaches are deserted or with very few visitors.

  • Reason 7:

    Last but not least, easy access: Panama City being a hub between North and South Americam plenty of direct flights come from the main US cities, and with no jetlag (CST time zone).

Luxury Hotels & Villas by area in

Our portofolio includes a wide range of carefully selected properties, – from tree house eco lodges, to luxury boutique hotels, “Glamping” properties set in exceptional environments, and upscale, private and fully staffed villa, all of them often located in exceptional and convenient locations, and offering unique activities. You may have a look at our inspirations itineraries scrolling down this page, and contact us with your ideas so we can design this unique travel experience you are looking for!