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Greetings from Central America! Our company was founded in 1999 in Nicaragua, originally with the name "Nicaragua Adventures" (you may check us online under this name). Many guests who traveled throug our agency, asked us to organize their next trip to Costa Rica and/or Panama. As we acquired a deep knowledge of these two countries, we started to offer and operate them. It has now been over 12 years since we successfully offer these 3 destinations, as individual or combined trips! We decided to change our name to "Costa Adventures" in mid 2018, as we offer several countries. We have offices in San Jose, Costa Rica, and Granada, Nicaragua and Panama, through a partner. Our main focus is to offer unique trips that match our guest's requests and "wishlist" as much as possible. Whether you are a couple, a family or a group, please contact us to start planning your next vacation to Central America! We offer itineraries, and also daily experiences and transportation. You may browse our tailor itineraries, take them as they are or request changes; or fill our trip planning form so we send a tailor offer.






Pierre Gedeon

Ceo, Founder and Travel Designer
A native from France with professional background in sales in Geneva, Switzerland, Pierre moved to Costa Rica in 1996 and worked in hospitality in beach properties. In 1999 he discovered Nicaragua, had a "coup de coeur" for the country, and decided this was the place he would start his tour operator, although tourism was just in early stages there. It has been 19 years now and thousands of unique experiences provided to our guests thanks to our professional and friendly staff and efficient network of local partners in each country! Pierre is now based in Costa Rica.



I grew up in "Granada, Nicaragua," a city with its air humid and hot, enveloping visitors with the unmistakable sense of stepping into tropical Spain. But I am currently living in the beautiful "Pura Vida land," Costa Rica, filled with rain forests, beaches, rivers, and incredible national parks. I've been living in this country now for more than 9 years. I am a -"Mountain Girl"- I am calmed by the mountain and I am happy to have found a home in a country where some of the great mountains of the country are just a few hours away from my home. I'm grateful to now be a part of the Costa Adventures team, where I can get closer to reaching my dream (I have always dreamt of traveling around the world), share my passion for travel, and gain more knowledge along the way!

Michael Hernandez

Travel Designer
Michael, a 31 years old native from Nicaragua, has a long carreer in the tourism business , as a travel designer despite a degree in accountancy and also handles operation in any of the countries we sell. Michael is the "adventurer" within the company, as he spends as much of his free time hiking and "sand boarfing" volcanoes, staying in mountains overnight and sleeping in tents, exploring beaches alike the countryside of our area. Many of the pictures we get have his "signature" and his trips have helped improve the trip's logistic and to discover a few hidden gems!

Katia Canizales

Head of Operations
Katia, a 26 years old mother of a girl and native from Granada, Nicaragua, started to work in our company when she just turned 18. She first worked in sales and operation, and has been the responsible for operations in Nicaragua since 2015. She now works on operation in all 3 countries we operate, attracted to discover some new horizons! She loves to explore new places as she really wants to know and understand all the logistics of the travel itineraries that she has under supervision and to exchange with our local travel partners.

Nuvia Gonzales

Systems Assistant
Nuvia, a 25 years old native of Florida, USA, has been working at our company since 2016. She first learned in our operations department and is now working in the systems/software aspects. She spends her time between the office, her family, some sport, reading and practicing lating dances.


"El Jefe"
Grixs was found as an abandonned kitty in front of our office door in Granada, 3 years ago. Always ready for a new investigation trip, Grixs is since then fully part of our team and guarantees good mood and entertainment at our San Jose, Costa Rica office where he moved 2 years ago together with part of the staff!