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Panama your own Way and pace!

- Panama -

Self Drive Adventures Panama

Looking for a more flexible option to travel to Panama? Self-drive is an option, but please read the following: Pros: the roads network is quite developped and decent quality (some areas are accessible by boats or flights only) with good highways, not too much traffic jam outside Panama City except during holidays and week ends. Cons: Panama being a long stretch, the distances from A to B are quite long. From the capital to Boquete or to Boca Chica, it is a 6.30+ hours drive; 4 hours from there to Almirante (to take ferry to Bocas del Toro). And 10 hours from Bocas to Panama City. So unless you have lots of time i.e. 15 days, flying is a much better option, with safe and reliable domestic flights, which we will include in your itinerary and handle!


Pierre and Costa Adventures did an amazing job in creating a fabulous 10 day vacation in Costa Rica. He listened to me, appreciated what we wanted and set up an amazing Costa Rican experience. Everything was well orchestrated from transportation to the lodges, tours, lodges and COVID testing. In addition he maintained contact with us along the way...