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Intro Blog: A Costa Rica experience like no other: Visit and stay at an authentic, working Coffee Hacienda (and zipline there, too!) before heading to the beach!

Yes, there is no need to drive several hours to rural and mountainous areas, to experience all the following in one single place: take a traditional coffee tour, including a visit to the workers village as it was in the 20th century; zipline in the forest; hike (soft or strenuous) with sumptuous views; enjoy a high Strings parkour; all this, completed by a typical local lunch. And if you want too, stay at the recently hotel’s farm overnight! You can enjoy all this -or part-, in one single coffee hacienda located in the mountains near San Jose, just 35 minutes’ drive from SJO airport! This authentic travel experience is also perfect if you choose to stay in one destination only for your Costa Rica trip, such as the beaches of Manuel Antonio or Guanacaste (either on your day of arrival in Costa Rica, or before returning home).

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